DVD Details

  Alternate Cover
Just the one real extra here: The original theatrical trailer. Still, it is a great trailer that captures the spirit of the film. If you are a real fan of the film, it may be worth the price of the DVD just for that.
A fair bit of flexibility has been included regarding available languages and subtitles.
You can listen to the film in English French or Spanish.
You can also view closed captioning in English or subtitles in English, French, or Spanish. (The difference between English captions and English subtitles is that the captions also describe sounds in the film.)

Chapter Details
1) Opening Logos
2) Main Title
3) Dossier: Hamilton, Guy
4) The Streets of Jakarta
5) Billy and Guy Strike a Deal
6) Tea and Puppets
7) Poolside with Jill
8) Covering a Demonstration
9) Trusting Billy
10) Wally's Bungalow Party
11) Killing Time at Billy's
12) A Sudden Storm
13) Living Dangerously
14) "Our Boy's in Love"
15) A Coded Message
16) In Old Java
17) No Dancing Allowed
18) A Trip to the Cemetary
19) Billy Confronts the Boys
20) A Shattered Faith
21) Room 719
22) A Blow to Guy
23) Revolution Report
24) Getting Out
25) End Credits