The Students of Welton Academy

        Just click on each character to see snapshots taken from throughout the school year. The yearbook photographer still has many undeveloped rolls of film so if there is a particular image you would love to have that isn't here, feel free to

with your request.

Todd Anderson
brother of Jeffrey Anderson (National Merit Scholar)
previously attended Balincrest
interests: reading and rowing
favorite saying: ???
Neil Perry
Welton Society Candidate
interests: mathematics, soccer, acting
favorite saying: "nothing is impossible"
Charlie Dalton
a.k.a. Nuwanda
assistant on school newspaper
interests: playing saxophone, getting into trouble
favorite saying: "Damn it, Neil"
Knox Overstreet
a.k.a. Noxious
interests: soccer, Chris Noel
favorite saying: "carpe diem, even if it kills me"
Steven Meeks
a.k.a The Genius
interests: Latin, electronics
favorite saying: "I'll try anything once"
Gerard Pitts
a.k.a. Pittsy
favorite pasttime: working on a Hi-Fi system
favorite saying: "D'uh!"
Richard Cameron
member of the Honor Council
interests: playing the clarinet, forensics
favorite saying: "looks like a stiff!"

Teacher of the Year
John Keating
For his endless efforts of inspiring, teaching, and entertaining his students, the students of Welton wish to pay tribute to Mr. John Keating with a collection of memorable photos.

Chris Noel
Off Campus Gal of the Year
With the help of one of Charlie's friends on the annual and a little sleight of hand, Knox has been able to spice up this year's edition with his tribute to the love of his life.

Other Assorted Pictures