DVD Details for Fearless


Not a message you want to see at the start of a DVD. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. has only released Fearless in the "pan and scan" format. 
As far as extras go, the DVD release of Fearless is pretty much no frills. No trailers, no interviews, not even cast information.

Audio is available in either French or English. No subtitles are available.

Chapter Listing

1) Disaster in a cornfield
2) "Are you not dead?"
3) Forbidden fruit.
4) Homeward bound first class.
5) Not himself.
6) Speaking bluntly; Nan's pain.
7) Byron feels safe; Max acts unsafe.
8) "I'm not afraid."
  9) The Good Samaritan calls.
10) No reason to love.
11) A drive with Carla.
12) A feeling of overwhelming love.
13) God or matchmaker?
14) Loud silence.
15) The group session.
16) Suffering into dollars.
17) "I can let it go."
18) "Let me be part of it."
19) Scared of a kiss?
20) Headed toward a crash.
21) Presents for the dead.
22) Carla's guilt.
23) A second chance to save Bubble.
24) Carla's new angel.
25) Can't save everybody.
26) Drawing near to the divine.
27) Needing to be saved.
28) The moment of my death (Gorecki Symphony #3 begins).
29) "Everything's okay.
30) Impact.
31) Toward the light.
32) End credits (Symphony #3: Upshaw solo).