Memorable Scenes

Scene One: I'd Love To Fly Home On Your Airline

After the crash, Max is tracked down and a representitive of InterCity Air meets him.

Cindy: Mr. Klein, I'm Cindy Dickens, InterCity Air, and I'm here to help get you home.
Max: That's nice, no one has taken me home since the first grade.
Cindy: I have tickets on Amtrak to get you to San Francisco and your train leaves in an hour.
Max: I want to fly. 
Cindy: I'm sorry?
Max: You'll fly me back to San Francisco for free, right.
Cindy: Of, of course, but when I talked to your wife and I told her about the good news on the phone, she said even before the unpleasant ah...
Max: Crash.
Cindy: Yes, right, even before... that, you were afraid to fly.
Max: I'd love to fly home on your airline, but I've got a request.
Cindy: Sir?
Max: I want to go first class.

Scene Two: Why did God kill my daddy?

Max meets Carla for the first time.

Max: When I was thirteen, my father died in front of my eyes. We were going out of our apartment, and I was throwing this softball up and down. Mom screamed, I missed the ball, and turned to look, Dad was dead on the sidewalk. A little blood coming out of his nose, his legs were all twisted under him, it looked like somebody, somebody with a big hand just reached down and squeezed the life out of him.
Carla: That was God.
Max: Now that's what I thought, God killed my daddy.
Carla: Why would he want to kill him?
Max: Couldn't figure that out. He was a religious guy, hard-working, kind to my mother and my sister,
Carla: Did you love him?
Max: Yes. I didn't know why God killed my daddy. There was no reason to. So, I decided there was no God.

Scene Three: Life and Death Happen For No Reason

Max and Carla go to church. They are standing before a large crucifix, lighting candles.

Carla: You know he hurt me, he hurt me forever. But I still believe in him.
Max: Well, people don't so much believe in God as that they choose not to believe in nothing. Life and death, they happen for no reason. We think people are born because their mothers wanted them alive, because God needed another home run hitter for the Giants. We think that we die because we eat red meat or rob banks. Now that way, even if we can never be good enough or careful enough to live forever, at least we can try. But if it makes no sense, if it, if life and death just happen, then there's no reason to do anything.
Carla: There's no reason to love.
Max: What?
Carla: There's no reason to love.

Scene Four: The Taste and Touch and Beauty of Life

Scene Five: Just Say it Like It Means Nothing

Memorable Lines

Max: "You can't do it, you want to kill me but you can't."

Max: "Let's buy presents for the dead."