Mark Lee (Archy Hamilton)
I actually know very little about Mark Lee. He was a model who had been initially called in for a photo call for a brochure on the film Gallipoli and Peter Weir immediately saw in him the qualities he needed for Archy. Since Gallipoli, Lee has had only a small number of roles, including several for Australian television.

Mel Gibson (Frank Dunne)
Peter Weir saw Mel Gibson in a screening of Mad Max and knew he had found the actor for the role of Frank in Gallipoli. They later teamed up for The Year of Living Dangerously. Gibson received recognition early on in his career for playing the title character in Tim. He rose to star status with the Lethal Weapon series and proved himself a talented director with The Man Without a Face and Braveheart.

Bill Kerr as Uncle Jack
Harold Hopkins as Les McCann
Charles Yunupingu as Zac
Robert Grubb as Billy
Tim McKenzie as Barney
David Argue as Snowy
Bill Hunter as Major Barton