DVD Details for Gallipoli


Released at the same time as Witness, both DVDs come with the original trailer as well as an interview with Peter Weir looking back at the making of the film.
Not too much functionality as far as languages go. English or French. You can also access French subtitles (no English subtitles are available)
The trailer is fairly good, though not nearly as powerful as the one for The Year of Living Dangerously
The interview with Peter Weir is quite interesting. Interspersed with scenes from the film, it runs just under eight minutes, certainly leaving you wanting more. Still, well worth it.
Chapter Details

1) As Fast as a Leopard
2) The Distant War
3) The Late Entry
4) Not Coming Home

5) Journey to Perth
6) The Light Horse
7) The Infantry
8) Foreign Exchange
9) Mates
10) Front Lines
11) A Blind Eye
12) The Runner
13) Push On
14) The Final Race
15) End Credits