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Aubbie - 12/30/99 22:01:51
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nifty site.Robert Sean Leonard Rulz!!!!!!!!!

Kevin - 12/29/99 06:58:36
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I only saw DPS in early December: I should have viewed it earlier, but it remains equally beautiful and inspiriting. Bravo, Dave, on your marvellous DPS pages. After reading your guestbook and your site, I do not feel as insane about DPS as some people ave told me. DPS does not deserve the dismissal it has received from some critics. Vive "La Société Morte De Poèts!" Carpe Diem!

Selene - 12/26/99 14:05:52
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Hey. I just wanted to say that Dead Poets Society is the most beautiful, the most touching, the best film ever made. It is simply enchanting and, besides, everyone of the actors performed exceptionally well. My favourite character is Todd (Ethan), because with me being almost as shy as him, he's the one I can relate to most. I haven't found yet my own Mr. Keating though!!! I would love to get in touch with other DPS fans, so PLEASE e-mail me.

Sylvia - 12/26/99 08:26:55
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Just a note - since I don't think Dave mentions it in his News section. Here in Sydney the director's cut of Picnic at Hanging Rock has just been re-released. Haven't seen it yet. I read somewhere Weir joked he was going for the Guinness Book of Record i.e. by releasing a Director's Cut that was shorter than the original release. Must see in order to find out what he decided to ditch.

Jake - 12/23/99 21:28:01

I've just been informed that there is a book called,"The Murders at Hanging Rock". Supposedly, this book tells the "true story" behind "Picnic at Hanging Rock". I am under the impression that "Hanging Rock" was total fiction. Does anyone know anything a out this book ?

simone schulz - 12/17/99 14:06:20
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Dead Poets Society, best film ever seen!! Carpe diem. Best wishes, Simone

mikayla dobson - 12/16/99 20:24:15

I love the movie Dead Poets Society. I have it on tape.

Smerky - 12/13/99 12:06:39
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Very great site !! I like so much Peter Weir. I think the best movie is "Dead Poetry Circle" and also "the Truman Show". I like so much this site too... And you can visit mine ;-)

ryan walter - 12/13/99 03:04:15
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i think the site was great and am a huge peter weir fan. i think his best i "witness"

Elena - 12/10/99 13:25:31
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Wonderful your tribute! Peter Weir is one of the best author in the world!

Fleur Nelson - 12/02/99 01:39:15
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I am a 23 year old aspiring filmmaker and Weir is my hero. DPS is my all time favourite film and on my 18th birthday Peter Weir sent me a reply to a letter I sent him 2 weeks earlier. He encouraged me, inspired me and even said I reminded him of himself when he first started out. He gave me the best advice on filmmaking I've ever received and it's not at all surprising that the letter is the first page you see in my portfolio or that at every filmmaking school or workshop I've ever attended, the teacher reads the letter out to inspire other students. A friend at the American Film Institue even asked for a photocopy! Peter Weir's storytelling is what I aspire to do. If I can have just a tiny piece of his talent I'll be a success. He's not just the best Aussie director - he's the ALL TIME best director. Thanks for this very deserving site! Fleur Nelson.

Dan - 12/01/99 17:10:52
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Congratulations for having an (unfortunately) only page dedicated to one of the greatest artists of our century. Peter Weir is so good at what he does, his films all seem to be so effortlessly made, that people don't think to give him enough credit. He' one of the few directors working today who's output has been marked with startling originality and diversity. Plus he doesn't make any bad films. So this apparent lack of contrast from other directors makes him an almost invisible entity for the public Thanks for the terrific page. Keep up the great work and good luck!!! Dan

Ulrika, Sweden - 11/26/99 08:31:18
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Hmmm, I am sorry.... I totally forgot to say what movie we have seen. :-) It is of course the wonderful Dead Poets Society Bye

Ulrika, Sweden - 11/26/99 08:29:14
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Hi ! I am very impressed by your homepage, and it helped me a lot. You see, in my English class we watched the movie a couple of weeks ago, and today we are going to write about the film. Thank you so much!

lestat - 11/22/99 20:12:05
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your sites pretty good

Casey - 11/22/99 19:50:23
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kool site

stradwick - 11/21/99 16:13:18

This is the best page I've visited on DPS. You've done a wonderful job...keep up the good work. DPS is one of the most inspiring films I've ever seen and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye. It's beautiful and hopefully, will always be remembered. Seize the Day...and live life to its fullest.

nick johannsohn - 11/18/99 03:45:57
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To Peter Weir Witness is pretty lame. Although you present the viewer with some interesting themes that do relate to Americans society it would have to be the dullest, most unbearable film to watch. Including Amish people was probably your biggest mistake. They are a v ry boring people. Why didn't you pick some crazy cult or something that would make the film slightly interesting. Poor effort Pete!!

Aubby McDermott - 11/17/99 00:49:02
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groovy site. Dead Poets Society is one of the best movies ever made. Carpe Diem, Seize The Day, Make ur lives Extrodinary!!!!!!!!! Tis Only in their dreams that men truely be free, 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be......

zillah - 11/16/99 16:35:11
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Oh my that's the most beautiful dps site I've seen so far! It's wonderful, and all those infos,....wow! Please keep up the great work!! And carpe diem....

Ant McGay - 11/11/99 22:53:07
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Nice site, mediocre movie

bkisgay - 11/11/99 22:52:57
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cool site man

- 11/10/99 18:32:16


Anthony Boon - 11/10/99 18:27:01
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I have found your webpage to be a most valuable resource. I have been preparing something for Peter and your site has helped me do so and I thank you with all the love of my heart. Anthony.

Anthony Boon - 11/10/99 18:26:49
My URL:http://www.innergy.com.au

I have found your webpage to be a most valuable resource. I have been preparing something for Peter and your site has helped me do so and I thank you with all the love of my heart. Anthony.

N.WEIR - 11/10/99 05:31:40
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Greer - 11/06/99 23:54:58
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Thanks for a great page! It helped with my Year 11 Viedo Production assignment on Wier! It a great page.... keep up the good work! :) Thanks again!

-- - 11/03/99 22:44:03

Nice film, nice page

-- - 11/03/99 22:42:06

Nice film, nice page

- 11/02/99 10:38:11

A very good site on the best director ever Vicky

G~_Z! - 11/01/99 00:47:41


Guzzy Milne - 10/25/99 23:08:39
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DPS RULES!!! I just got to watch it in English class at school. Gosh, I wish there were more teachers like Mr.Keating. We desparately need them in high school!

Suzannah Weir - 10/23/99 13:26:52

Well done weiry!

David Nicholson - 10/23/99 02:27:46
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In response to Jake's question regarding "The Playmaker", I think the maker's of the book had been a little presumptuous. After "Fearless" was completed, Weir mentioned "The Playmaker" as his next project. However, that was back in 1993. Whether he scrapp d the idea or simply set it aside for later, I'm uncertain.

Jake (again) - 10/22/99 21:45:10

I recently bought a book by Thomas Kenelly called, "The Playmaker". It's a supposedly true story about a group of convicts in early Australia who put on a production of the play, "The Recruting Officer". On the book's cover it says that Peter Weir is go ng to make a film of the novel. Does anyone have any more information ?

Jake - 10/22/99 21:38:27

Does anyone out there know whar happened to the young actress's that appeared in "Picnic at Hanging Rock" ?

Bunkle - 10/18/99 23:36:19
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Terrific web site, that was so engadgng and informative, where I am able to express my own opinion and see the words and knowledge of others that inspire me.

Simon Cleeton - 10/16/99 00:02:56
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I love the Dead Poets Society Film and web sites. Uplifting and triumphant.

george zrvas - 10/13/99 00:41:29
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keep up the good work and update the site with sth new...!

Niki - 10/12/99 10:05:08
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DPS Was our setwork movie last year in gr11 and I thought it was the most amazing movie ever.It affected me in so many ways and I cant describe how must I feel this movie is great help to anyone who doesnt know where their life is going.I relate the most o Charlie ,he is most like me , and sometimes I think that I choke on the bone as he did. If anyone can help me find infomation on him I would be very thankful , also how old he is now ( or then ) This is a great site and worthy of this brilliant film

Kylie - 10/12/99 10:00:50
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This is a great website, it has helped me with my research for my Peter Weir film.. It has been great to know.. I just have one comment though 'The Truman Show' tells us one thing, that even an actor like Jim Carrey has to be taken serioulsy even though he is a comical genious and that the media has a serious impact on us and our lives.. Thanks.. Kylie

Alexandra - 10/09/99 18:46:38
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I just love "Truman Show".It's one of the most important films in my life.It's one of the most important movies ever made!!!.And choosing Jim Carrey as a main character was the best decision could have been made.

robert costello - 10/09/99 03:42:36

weir is the shit---few compare

ROBERT WATTS - 10/04/99 12:33:16

Weir films touch people in a way and i dont usely like drama but weir are the best. I like the way he does the music at the end of each feature. My favorite Weir films are Gallipoli, Fearless and The truman show

Laura - 09/25/99 23:34:49
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I loved your dead poets socitey page, it's wonderful....good job!

Teddy Cory - 09/09/99 20:53:24
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This is most likely the greatest film ever produced. It has greatly affwcted my life in too many ways than I can mention, but one small example is that because of Keating and his take on the power of language, I am majoring in English at Rice University. Whenever you're feeling bored or a little down, just watch this movie for instant inspiration--CARPE DIEM!!

Lauren - 08/10/99 09:27:58
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thanks for this cool site on Mr Weir. I am currently doing an english assignment on the Truman Show and the power of the media. If anyone has any info on either of these subjects PLEASE write to me with your thoughts and info on the subject. Thanks XX

Chris Grace - 07/30/99 14:58:02
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I just finished a gut-wrenching book called Outerbridge Reach by Robert Stone (author of Dog Soldiers, which was made into a movie starring Nick Nolte). The only person I think who could do this book justice in film is Peter Weir. I wonder if he's read i .... ccg PS: Fearless is one of my favorite films of the 90s. It deserved several Academy Awards.

Craig Williams - 07/26/99 04:10:46
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Hey! Ethan Hawke is my favorite actor. "Dead Poets Society" is my favorite movie of his. Drop by my site for info on him. Great site!!!

clarisse - 07/24/99 06:27:54
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i thought that your page was really good. i'm actually doing an assignment on the truman show/ peter weir at school. if anyone has any more info on either of them email them to me please.

Lee Songe - 07/22/99 02:44:53
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Great page and well informed, I am a Weir follower as well. I also agree with your summaries about the films. Very nicely done and great effort for a webpage of one of the great film masters of our time.

JASPER - 07/19/99 05:46:36
My Email:hodgo@smartchat.net.au

It's quite good, I would have liked to see a bit more on the films he has made. You are a dedicated fan, of Peter Weir and his films show why it is.

Anthony - 07/18/99 05:35:57
My Email:calomeni@hotmail.com

Mr. Weir has explored some very interesting subjects. With Fearless, DPS, and Truman, I was especially enchanted with his use of specific philosophic references. I am very interested to know more about his upcoming projects/scripts. Perhaps a Persephone Hades thing would be good.

Linda Sharizan - 07/12/99 12:42:10
My Email:izan7teen@hotmail.com

I have known about the movie "Dead Poets' Society" through a friend. It is the only movie that I seem to learn more after watching it again and again. Your website has certainly give more depth and the awareness of additional scenes makes me able to link ome details that I find rather perplexed about. With all that I thank you for your contributions.

BS Name - 07/12/99 07:32:47
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Dead Poets Society is one of the best films ever created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HGU - 07/05/99 17:36:03

Hallo Herr Michna!

Adam Richards - 07/05/99 04:50:58
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im currently doing a school projct on peter and need to know if all of his films are on this site please email me as i need to know.i would appreciate lots thank you.... Adam Richards

Eowyn - 07/02/99 09:47:04
My Email:naryamiriel@hotmail.com

Fantastic site! I'm a huge fan of Peter Weir - Gallipoli, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Dead Poet's Society especially are among my favourite movies, and his most recent offering, The Truman Show, is pure brilliance. It's great to have found a place that sha es my enthusiasm for Weir's beautiful films. Keep up the good work!

sylvia - 07/02/99 00:21:36
My Email:mccosker@onclick.net

I've been here before but noticed a couple of people wanting to know about PW's childhood. 3 books about him so far - Don Shiach's "Visions of Alternative Realities", Massimo Benvegnu's "Filmare l'Anima", and a third, "When Cultures Collide" which can be got from Amazon.com. The first two each have stuff about Weir's upbringing; I haven't read the third so don't know if it adds anything. See also Sue Mathew's interview with Weir, from her book "35 MM Dreams"; Dave has it in this very Cave, I think under "Interviews/ Articles".

Holly Anderson - 06/30/99 23:20:13
My Email:h_anderson_98.yahoo.com

I think Peter Weir is the greatest. His movies are so well done. We are studying him in my english class. If anyone has any infomation about his childhood or his e-mail adress as I would like to get in contact with him could they please e-mail me Thanks

Denise - 06/27/99 23:34:49
My Email:Washingtondc83@hotmail.com

RE;DPS. What an incredible film.I feel so inspired by it and the meaning through out.It was so artfully constructed and I just want to say WOW.The DPS website is a godsend and I just love it.Thanx

Lauren Peterson - 06/25/99 01:54:43
My Email:LaurboneP@aol.com

Hi! I just wanted to say that you have a great web site!!!! I immediately added it to my favorites.I love this movie.Especially the cast.Robert Sean Leonard played Neil Perry wonderfully.I also have a huge crush on Dylan Kussman, the actor who played Rich rd Cameron.I would really like to know how old the boys were at the time this movie was released.Keep up the good work!!!!

Muna - 06/22/99 21:26:03
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This is my favorite movie of all time. I love it sooo much. Thank you for making a beautiful web page. I loved it!!!!!!

elise allen - 06/17/99 06:10:59
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Peter weir is a great addition the the film world. One problem, you can never find any info on his childhood!

kirsten - 06/08/99 14:50:15
My Email:muey66@hotmail.com

I was in a production of Dead Poets Society and every second I enacted scenes from it - i found Mr.Keatings words inspriring to my own life. I ended up going out with our Mr.Keating so that says something

Shaheen Yusufali - 06/06/99 13:32:28
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DPS has been the most thought provoking and heart rendering film i have seen...i love it!

Shaheen Yusufali - 06/06/99 13:32:14
My Email:shaheen_y@hotmail.com

DPS has been the most thought provoking and heart rendering film i have seen...i love it, i love it, i love it!

Lori S. - 06/04/99 04:32:26

You know, without specifically being a Peter Weir fan, I have managed unintentionally to see the majority of films over the past 17 years that he has directed. All based on the subject matter, so that shows that Weir tackles fascinating, provocative & co pelling stuff! Recently, I've re-discovered the haunting "Picnic at Hanging Rock" which I last saw in college & now have on video. I still have yet to see "Truman Show," "Misquito Coast" (looks like it's out-of-print - will it be re-released on video?) "The Last Wave." "Witness" is very well-done, "Green Card," tho mainstream, has unique moments, and scenes from "Gallipoli" & "Fearless" made me cry - in the latter, he managed to coax a terrific performance out of an actress I thought up to then was HO RENDOUS - Rosie Perez. Since it's been several years since I've seen "Year of Living Dangerously" & "Dead Poet's Society" (tho not one of my favorites, more like a re-hash of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"), it's time to rediscover them on video. I may n the future even direct a stage adaptation of "Picnic" for a local theater.

J - 06/02/99 07:14:23

Cool site. Find it very helpful as I'm studying Dead Poets Society at school.

Stina Agerback - 05/27/99 17:03:37
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I love "Dead Poets Society"!!!

Claire - 05/24/99 00:51:04
My Email:claire365@excite.com

Dead poets Society is my favourite movie! I love everything aboiut it! It is funny in some parts, but sad too. The characters are all so wonderful, and I don't think that there are many films as amazing as this around. P.S. the characters are spanky too!!

Aliscia - 05/13/99 04:51:23
My Email:bundyrrum@hotmail.com

I need help, so if any one has any past assignments or information of the scenes and meanings of the dead poets society, it would help me heaps. Thanks.

Catherine Simpson - 05/10/99 06:27:37
My Email:simpson@central.murdoch.edu.au

This is a great resource for online students of Australian Cinema. Thanks heaps & keep it up!

Maya - 04/25/99 17:40:50

Dead Poets Society is my favorite movie ever! i own it and have seen it about 5 times. i was delighted 2 c your page. i love the pics, they remind me of all the brilliant scenes in the movie. thx! : |)

Andrew Witney - 04/24/99 14:03:48
My Email:awitney@hotkey.net.au

Great to see the 'Discussion Forum' recieving some input. Weir's films deserve to be discussed at great length, even if just to relive them.

AMBER-LEE ADAMS - 04/22/99 03:35:50

Peter Weir is one of the best directors i have ever seen. I love the movies so much. Continue the great work Mr Weir.

Sylvia McCosker - 04/21/99 02:03:19
My Email:bshaworth@ozemail.com.au

Great fun to meet all the other PW fans out there. If [Mr] Witney (February 97) still wants to discuss treatment of afterlife in Fearless Id love to hear from him. Fearless is Weir's masterwork so far. Fearless is like Charles Williams' novels eg All Hallows Eve, Truman Show is Chestertonian (try The Man Who Was Thur

Susan Chang - 04/21/99 00:57:25
My Email:schang97@calvin.edu

this is my all-time favorite movie! :) actually, my reason for signing this is to ask if anyone has the dead poets society soundtrack and wants to sell it to me or if anyone knows of someplace where I can get it! email me if you have any info!

christen - 04/18/99 19:48:39
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Awesome page

john chappell - 04/18/99 03:35:05
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hiu i am from melboyurne australia i a,m a honours student at la trobe university i am doing my thesis on dead poets siociety and pointbreak i am using foucaault and the practices of liberty. i am interested in how others experonced the movie and also ar icles ior boojk on the movies. i will send you my thesis in october if you want it . also i can semnd you a essay on winnie the pooh as a anarchist if you want i also write poet anm a mystic and love to ghear from antyone similar bye john

Michael Segers - 04/14/99 21:24:49
My Email:mike@peanut.org

WHAT HAPPENED TO TRUMAN? Find out one possibility. Go to www.peanut.org and choose the movie reviews & columns under Rovin' & Ravin' and then look for "The Truman Show" in which a guest columnist in my space presents a fanciful continuation of this amaz ng film. Michael Segers

Omer Cilo - 04/13/99 21:23:45
My Email:omercilo@hotmail.com

That is the movie which changed my life,actually our lifes,that is the movie after which we established a society like that.thanx u Peter,that is a cool page.i am saying all the dead poets in the world:we will hug the life together,we will kick the past,a d seize the day

Newanda - 04/12/99 06:45:41
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Then not be coy, but use your time; And while ye may, go marry; For having lost but once your prime; You may for ever tarry.

siria - 04/07/99 18:52:20
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The Artful Dodger - 04/05/99 17:13:43
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Great site! I just love DPS. Your site is a great tribute to this wonderful movie!

Weirs/McGlynns - 04/04/99 12:15:33

The Truman Show inspired deep thought. Good on ya.

caitlyn - 04/04/99 00:46:52
My Email:caitlyn_m@hotmail.com

Peter weir is one of my favourite directors. Nice page!!!!

Ana - 04/01/99 14:57:59

It's good.

me - 03/31/99 14:24:10
My Email:scott42208@aol.com

DPS is a good movie.

LINNA SIMAMORA - 03/25/99 02:37:53
My Email:lnmamora@hplaw.co.id

Dear Peter Weir, I just hope you will make thousand of films like this, so we can have better understanding about life of humanbeings.

Ohmichi_Emi - 03/24/99 08:21:01
My Email:ohmichi_emi@hotmail.com

COOL...AWESOME...homepage you have , i am from Singapore and "DEAD POET SOCIETY" is no as popular as ur country .. is hard to find anything related to it in Singapore, when i saw ur homepage ,i was happy(or rather relieve) to see that there are People like u & me who knows how to appreciated this movie

karmic - 03/23/99 04:31:27
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Anna K - 03/22/99 08:01:30
My URL:http://www.es-strangnas.se/elever/98/annak/
My Email:annaerika4@hotmail.com

Thank you to everyone who have created this story, this film, this inspiration. I live in Sweden, and my inspirations to write, to read and to strive for the stars, were given a boost of energy thanks to this movie. It'll be my favourite movie for all tim s!

lloyd Fink - 03/12/99 14:12:47
My Email:lf028@hotmail.com

The Dead Poets Society inspired me to become and English teacher. Atually Literature, but I have not made all efforts to pursue that dream.

Einat Razin - 03/07/99 20:41:31
My URL:http://econ.tau.ac.il/razin/Einat/degrassi-junior-high.htm
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Hi, I love the movie Dead Poets Society. it was a great movie and one of my favorite and I thank the people that did the film and the great actors. Einat

Andrew Smith - 03/06/99 00:45:36
My Email:andrewsmith_777@yahoo.com

Personally the film of Dead Poets Society covers a vast amount of information to look at and it will take many others to really cover all the important aspects of it, but for the mean time, this site was well put together.

Jenn - 03/02/99 02:24:31
My Email:vball72381.com

I think Peter Weirs best film was probably Dead Poets Society. For so many reasons this movie should of won the oscar for best picture. But I think those who truly are ably to understand the movie will know why. It teaches you to believe in yourself an that there are no limits, if you set your goals high enough. In the movie Neil proves that and even defies his father. The only thing he did wrong was give up on him anf his father and took the wrong path. But I absolutely loved this movie!

Kim G - 02/28/99 09:46:39
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My Email:parasail@fl.net.au

Hi, I am from Sydney. I think Peter Weir is one of the best directors ever... yep. DPS was my favourite movie as a teenager. There was an article in the Sunday magazine today that said that Weir hardly ever watches television and picks up the paper once a week. He also prefers to reside in his Sydney suburban residence rather than live in the States- perhaps these elements that "shield" him from the glitz, the mass-produced, plastic realms of Hollywood bring a fresh, more down-to-earth, original element th t's evident in his films. He is, after all, Aussie :) I wish him luck in the Oscars. PS if anyone wants to email me feel free:)

brother in the night - 02/27/99 18:05:57
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a very good page indeed, brilliant +++++ cu in the cyberspace

Brittany - 02/27/99 16:31:03

This was a wonderful, great, and meaningful movie.

David Pike - 02/27/99 06:27:06
My Email:David69erer@hotmail.com

thanks i really needed some pics for my school RE assignment this site rules

Eugene King - 02/26/99 13:33:36
My Email:eking@mail.simplyweb.net

Weir is one of my preferred film directors. One of the few times I have been moved to actual tears and a subdued sob in the movie theater seat was upon viewing the final crash sequence in Fearless. The visuals combined with the specific choice of Henr k Gorecki was almost too much for me. Fearless is one of the most repeated films I watch in my film library, and EVERY time that final sequence begins my heart leaps into my throat, my breathing gets labored, and my fists ball up with anxiety. One of my fondest memories of filmgoing is my first viewing of The Cars That Ate Paris at a small art house in 1982. I'd read about the film four years earlier and was dying to see this early work of Weir's. It's nice to know of other folks appreciative of this man's visions.

Claire Zuhosky - 02/26/99 02:04:06
My Email:cez108@psu.edu

I am currently a freshman at Penn State University . I am majoring in Film/video. This movie inspired me to make this career choice. Itis and always will be my favorite.

Fabiana Zveiter - 02/25/99 19:02:30
My Email:fabianazveiter@hotmail.com

I just wanna say that, with Crazy Dave page about the Dead Poets Society I began to see the life in a diferent way and I'm planning to write a book about it! This is the movie of my life, and I thank you Dave,for givin'me this oportunite. If you didn't se it yet, go to the woods and make your life extraordinary. kisses from the brazilian girl, Fabi

Mauricio - 02/21/99 19:11:00
My Email:lome_@yahoo.com

Great page!! I love this movie!! I've seen it at least 15 times!

Lesley - 02/19/99 01:50:26
My Email:FRDPool@dazedandconfused.com

Your page on DPS is wonderful. I have a strong connection to the movie so I really enjoyed looking through your site. Keep it up for me! Thanks!

Samantha Kidd - 02/17/99 17:34:12
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This page is incredible! I'm really impressed with how much information you have on Dead Poets Society, and the amount of effort you put into this page. Thanks so much for creating a page that can be enjoyed by fellow poetry lovers everywhere!

mitch snyder - 02/16/99 20:51:09
My Email:kevins@gte.net

Dead poets society ruled along with the truman show 2 of the best movies ever made.

bonnie hout - 02/16/99 18:37:41
My Email:bonnie_hout@hotmail.com

I watched the "Dead Poets Society" with my career awareness class , and i was very impressed with the movie. I feel that it really taught me a lesson in life. It taught me to think for myself and always do what i feel is right, and not to let others chose for me. I hope that many other students along with aduts will take this movie into consideration. The "Dead Poets Society" is very highly recomended.

andy c - 02/16/99 18:36:12
My Email:beaut

The movie "Dead Poets Soceity" was a great movie, as I watched it in my carreer awareness class. I had to write a 2-3 page report on the movie. Bonnie Hout is a cool girl!

anna - 02/12/99 18:37:08
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/1489
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This is a cool website, I was searching for websites about the DEAD POETS SOCIETY and this is the best I have ever seen! I love this movie!! Anna

ED FERNANDEZ - 02/11/99 20:02:51
My Email:efernandez@hsd10.med.navy.mil

Outstanding web site. Only Australia can produce a high caliber artist like Director Peter Weir. Bravo Peter.....my favorite movies are The Mosquito Coast and Fearless. Keep up the great work.

heidi - 02/08/99 11:42:04
My Email:pipp 35

wery good film

Daniel Wible - 02/08/99 06:37:17
My Email:dwible@vill.edu

Thanks for such a great site on one of my favorite directors. His films continually fascinate me. He is truly a visionary. My favorites are The Mosquito Coast, Fearless, The Truman Show, The Last Wave and the list goes on...

Evanick - 02/06/99 19:50:40
My Email:peach_luv@yahoo.com

This is a great page, keep up all the good work. It's a tribut to a great director.

Britt King - 02/05/99 19:22:20

Hello fellow Peter Weir-ian fans. I'm nineteen years old and am an aspiring filmmaker. I draw much of my inspiration from Mr. Weir's work, especially from Dead Poets Society and The Truman Show. What a bold, beautiful statement these films make! And s ch a leap of faith from Mr. Weir, as he takes two highly eccentric and energetic actors; Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. Only the genious of Weir could take these two actors out of their comedic comfort zone, and extract their dramatic talents for the sil er screen. From what I gather, this is not an easy task. I was stunned while watching the trailers for the Truman Show, as I saw the almost exaggerated beauty of Truman's manufactured life. Such bright colors! Weir is the best. Britt King

Michael Segers - 02/04/99 04:32:42
My URL:www.peanut.org
My Email:mike@peanut.org

I was never the same after I saw PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, and over the years since, Peter Weir has never let me down--never reached the heights and depths of that film, but never let me down. I'm so glad to know there are others like me out there---Weir-d s. In the next few days, I shall be reviewing PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK for my column on Peanut.org (see Rovin' & Ravin'), and I would appreciate any input or ideas. The rock is hanging. Michael Segers - mike@peanut.org

Matt Bassett - 02/04/99 04:30:46
My Email:NuwandaDPS@aol.com

Oh Mr Weir, Dead Poets Society was great! As you can see I have Charlie's name Nuwanda. Anyway, i will praise u about this film later! your admirer, matt (Nuwanda) Bassett

Michael Segers - 02/04/99 04:29:35


Suzanne Hodges - 01/31/99 00:35:50
My Email:suzanne@widescreenreview.com

The best thing Peter Weir ever did was join forces with Andrew Niccol for The Truman Show (Gattaca). A near perfect movie and one of the top two of 1998. I review movies on LaserDisc and DVD for Widescreen Review Magazine, so I feel my opinion is a valid ne!

seamus o'brien - 01/24/99 22:33:38


hekubus - 01/19/99 18:56:49
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You are the greatest

Anna - 01/17/99 11:08:22
My Email:a.morvall@telia.com

On DPS: I also love the movie... And I wonder how you could get the long version with all the extra clips. Please, if somebody knows, mail me! Anna

Björn Landström - 01/10/99 20:12:00
My Email:bjorn.landstrom@telia.com

I have seen the first 20 minutes of Mosquito Coast and it is a promising opening. Will the film hold together and continue to be be exciting and not tell everything.

jock weir - 01/01/99 04:54:16
My Email:jockweir@intemora.net.au

Weir has made some magic movies,we discussed them at Aunty Betties great party and all agreed