After receiving acclaim for Michael, his portion of the 1970 film Three to Go, Peter Weir directed this 50 minute B&W black comedy in 1971 about a group of guests getting together at a bizarre summer lodge named Homesdale. The film was awarded the Grand Prix at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

The story centers around Mr. Malfry a rather shy fellow who finds it hard getting along with others. He is the only newcomer amongst a group of peculiar guests who have come to the Homesdale Hunting Lodge. An expensive summer retreat with treasure hunts, revues, conversation practice, and perhaps the odd killing or two...


Our lovely guests as they arrive at Homesdale

Doreen Warburton (Mrs. Sharpe)
James Lear (Mr. Levy)
Barry Donelly (Mr. Vaughn)
Kate Fitzpatrick (Miss Greenoak)
Geoff Malone (Mr. Malfry)
Grahame Bond (Mr. Kevin)

A Message from the 
Manager of Homesdale
Come and visit Homesdale.
Experience our fine dining,
quality musical entertainment,
relaxing showers.
Our staff is always ready
to lend a helping hand.
Homesdale Hunting Lodge, 
a cut above the rest.