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From 2003's Master and Commander back to his first feature film, The Cars That Ate Paris in 1974, check out detailed pages on each of his films as well as brief summaries of his earlier short films.


Delve below the surface of the director and his films. Here you'll find a collection of interviews with Peter Weir and articles that deal with his films.

Pictures of Weir

Curious about what the man on the other side of the camera looks like? Here is a small picture gallery of the director himself.

Film Music

Try imagining the endings of Fearless, Dead Poets Society, or Gallipoli without their music. Pretty tough, huh? Find out more about the music that adds so much to Weir's films.

On-line Stores

Can't find your favorite Weir film at the local store? Check out these links for buying videos, DVDs, laser discs, soundtracks, books, scripts, and posters.

The Guestbook

Want to see what other travelers to these caves have said before you? Wish to add your own thoughts? Sharpen up your pencil and leave your mark here.

Discussion Forum

If you want to start up some heated discussions regarding Peter Weir or his films, jot down your thoughts here.

You Be the Critic

Rate Weir's films and see what others have thought about them. Also check out how Weir's films are rated at the Internet Movie Database.

Theatrical Trailers

Watch trailers for Peter Weir's films right here.

Once you are all done searching through the Weir caves, why not visit the story cave to view my great "works of art". Wondering what other films I like besides Weir's, check out my movie cave. Or, if you are really desperate, why not check out my own home cave.