Most Want Rose to Stay

March 24, 2001
from the Connecticut Post website


BRIDGEPORT -- People interviewed downtown Friday were shocked to learn the HMS Rose will be pulling up anchor for the last time in the Park City.

"It's depressing that part of Bridgeport's nautical history is being ripped from its moorings," said Lisa Marcello of Monroe.

"It's a very, very sad thing to see something that signifies so much to Bridgeport vanish like so many other things in this city," said Louis Blasini of Stratford. "There is just no way to replace these things of value."

Bridgeport resident Rose Ziman lamented there are so few things to attract people to come here as it is. 

"It was one landmark that we could be proud of," said Dawn Ryzak of Milford. "And now they are taking that away."

Jim Quinn of Fairfield said that the Rose's departure represents the loss of another local feature of historical significance.

Several people were concerned that renovation of the Rose had been completed with taxpayer money.

"It shouldn't be taken out of Bridgeport especially since it took taxpayer money to refurbish it," said LaTasha Brown of Bridgeport. "It has been a great asset to the city and a great historical asset that highlighted the magnitude of Bridgeport's multicultural events."