Savage Words: Reviews of The Mosquito Coast

        When Peter Weir's The Mosquito Coast came out, critics and audiences alike seemed to have been looking for another Witness from that film's director and star. For the most part, this film was definitely not what they were looking for. A rare box office failure for Ford, receiving brutal reviews from most of the critics at the time. It is still a mostly forgotten film amongst Harrison Ford's collection, though many of his fans believe the role of Allie Fox is one of his greatest achievements.

        The reviews linked to here are actually much more positive than most of the ones that came out on the film's initial release.

"some notable assets, chiefly Fordís masterful, on-target performance, his best work yet, as the brutally domineering Allie, but the narrative is too lopsided and the characters (except for Allie) too underdeveloped to compel attention." - MrShowbiz

"There are wonderful moments in Peter Weir's film of the Paul Theroux novel 'The Mosquito Coast', but most of them take place during the first hour." - John Hartl

"A flawed film... However, an impressive performance by Harrison Ford is enough to make THE MOSQUITO COAST very entertaining" - Bob Banka

"a brilliant performance - so effective, indeed, that we can hardly stand to spend two hours in the company of this consummate jerk." - Roger Ebert

"Weir's direction sustains some modest tension... but it's obvious that personal inspiration is in critically short supply." - Pat Graham

"I won't call it a classic but it's definitely a very strong piece that still works powerfully" - Colin Jacobson (DVD MovieGuide)

"Utterly compelling, novelistic saga... A serious an emotionally gripping film." - Leonard Maltin

"the only movie you'll see this season that has too much ambition for its own good." - Paul Attanasio

"It is hard to believe that a film as beautiful as The Mosquito Coast can also be so bleak, but therein lies its power and undoing" - Variety

"an easy film to admire, but a hard one to like" - AudioRevolution

"An ambitious treatise on man's psyche and his desire to get back to nature." - Find-A-Video

"'Mosquito Coast' is stripped of its significance and deteriorates into an epic spoofed - Rita Kempley

"I've never seen Ford more comfortable in a role before or since" - Chad-Michael Simon

"Harrison Ford gives a strong and inspired performance; yet, it is so forceful and unrelenting under Weir's atonal direction that it has capsized the whole film" - Duane Byrge