DVD Details for Picnic at Hanging Rock


This DVD does not come with any extras aside from the trailer. However, the sheer quality of the transfer more than makes up for that. 

The trailer seems a little dated with its ominous voice-over, but it is still interesting to see and gives you an idea of the improved quality of the transfer.

Chapter Listing

1) Logos / opening credits
2) Appleyard College, St. Valentine's Day 1900
3) No tomboy foolishness
4) "Waiting a million years - just for us"
5) Michael and Albert
6) Broken heart
7) "We shall only be gone a little while"
8) The ugly old Rock
9) Sara and the deer
10) "... the right time and place"
11) Something terrible
12) "Quite intact"
13) Miss McCraw, sans skirt
14) The bloodhound
15) Cold sweats
16) Search party
17) "I'm staying here"
18) Paper trail
19) Dirty lace
20) News of Irma
21) Only one
22) Torn fingernails, no corset
23) Plants that can move
24) The lady circus rider
25) "I feel sorry for them kids"
26) "I remember... nothing"
27) "She likes daisies best of all"
28) "Tell us, Irma!"
29) Giving notice
30) The smell of pansies
31) "Au revoir"
32) Memento mori
33) Closing credits