Reviews for Picnic at Hanging Rock

Roger Ebert "a movie that creates a specific place in your mind; free of plot, lacking any final explanation, it exists as an experience" Sean McGinnis "Weir manages to create a horror film without horror and a mystery without resolution"
Joe Hart "a richly suggestive experience that renews the possibilities of cinema at the same time that it challenges our perceptions of reality" Joe Baltake "an existential thriller"
Jim Ridley "mystical, hypnotic otherworldliness" Peter Stack "visually hypnotic at every turn"
Leslie Dunlap "Weir so perfectly captures the stilted and extravagant nuances of Victorian emotional expression that it's easy to pretend the film was actually made in 1900" Gary Johnson "Weir takes us into a world of golden glows and gentle whispers, where the characters exist as hazy, evocative recollections."
Natasha Wood "Eerie and surreal at times, “Picnic” is a must-see" Lura Burnette "a beautiful and profoundly troubling film"
Dan Jardine "Enigmatic and poetic, it retains much of its power today." John Murphy "alternately fascinating and frustrating, both in equal measure"
Carlo "You will be able to watch it over and over and continue to discover nuances and possibilities that you hadn't seen before." Terry Brogan remains one of those films for which words like "haunting", "mesmerizing", "beautiful", "hypnotic" and other such adjectives were invented
Bob Banka "handled subtly, and brilliantly, with a tapestry of beautiful images and music, rather than plot and dialogue." Dave Bennett "still mesmerizes after 23 years:"