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Interviews with Peter Weir 
More to Digest than Popcorn An interview with Peter Weir by Dan Lybarger
A Weir'd Experience 'Truman' director tells tales about making Jim Carrey's first serious film - SPLICED
The Man behind Truman For discerning summer moviegoers, Peter Weir's latest is the only show in town - by Jenny Peters
The Peter Principle TNT Rough Cut's interview with Peter Weir
Director returns with 'The Truman Show' An interview with Peter Weir by Steve Tilley
A Really Weir Show Director Peter Weir pokes a stick at our TV culture in The Truman Show - by Jim Slotek
Vicarious Thrills The world watches Jim Carrey in 'The Truman Show' - interview with Jim Carrey and Peter Weir - by Louis B. Parks
The Making of 'Truman' New voyeurism - an interview with Peter Weir and Jim Carrey - by Mark Caro
Truman's Masterminds Director Weir, actor Carrey put diverse talents to good use - by Mick LaSalle
Other Truman Show Sites: Official movie site. The official opposition site for The Truman Show.
The UN-Official Free Truman Site A great site with tons of reviews, a rough transcript of the script, and other links.
Bomis: The Truman Show Web Ring Various links to Truman Show sites.
Transparency Now "Extensive site on the meaning and significance of the The Truman Show and its place in the history of sci-fi, fantasy and social criticism"
Ozchannel Links, reviews, and an article on The Truman Show.
TNT's Rough Cut The Truman Show You Won't See - Info on various things that were removed or never quite made it to the final release of The Truman Show.
123Greeting Cards Send someone a Truman Show greeting card! Order the shooting script for The Truman Show. Order the soundtrack for The Truman Show.
Yahoo! Full Coverage Numerous links, reviews, and articles regarding The Truman Show. Links to news articles and reviews of The Truman Show.
MovieTunes Information on the film's soundtrack along with several audio clips. A preview of The Truman Show with numerous Real Video clips.
Just Go - Summer Movies Numerous articles / interviews regarding The Truman Show
Matte World Digital Find out that there were a lot more special effects used than you may have realized for making The Truman Show. Various images of digital manipulation.
Mr. Showbiz short article [1] Dennis Hopper departs Jim Carrey's Show
Mr. Showbiz short article [2] Ed Harris To Play the Villain in Carrey's Truman Show
Mr. Showbiz short article [3] Is Jim Carrey's Truman Show cursed?
Internet Movie Database Truman Show entry with full cast listings and much more
Hotbot Search Engine Find any web pages mentioning "Truman Show" that have been added or updated in the last three weeks.
Local Links
Notes From Rod Hudspeth A collection of comments from an extra on the set of The Truman Show.
Movieline Magazine Exerpts from their summer movie preview.
Northwest Florida Daily News clipping "Lawmen arresting on film" - two lawmen hired to act in the film shoot.
Premiere Magazine Fall Movie Preview A short description of the film.
Freedom Newspapers clipping 'Truman' wraps up filming on Friday.
The News Herald [1] Filming begins Monday in Seaside for 'The Truman Show'
The News Herald [2] Many locals are getting in on the action.
The News Herald [3] Seaside residents hob nob with Jim Carrey.
The News Herald [4] Bay County youngster chosen for part in 'The Truman Show'