Critical Masses - Reviews of The Truman Show

Everyone's a critic... and from the number of reviews here for The Truman Show, it seems pretty true.

Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun Times Jim Bartoo - Hollywood Online Mike Clark - USA Today Richard Corliss -
4/4 stars - "I enjoyed The Truman Show on its levels of comedy and drama" "One of the most surprisingly original, truly enveloping pieces of modern cinema." 5/4 stars - "The Truman Show is a movie of its time, and maybe even of all time" "Hollywood's smartest media satire in years."
Michael Atkinson - Mr. Showbiz Wade Major - Boxoffice magazine Lea Rozen - People Weekly Dan Lybarger
93/100 - "a completely original experience." 4.5/5 stars - "a strange and wonderful fable that would seem destined for status as an immediate classic" "a provocative, daring drama." "often funny, creepy and oddly moving. In short, it's as engaging as it is bizarre."
SPLICED Girls on Film  Elias Savada - Nitrate Online eirias
"A film that leaves you stunned and debating its message as the credits roll." "It makes movies like GODZILLA seem even more stupid than they really are." "The first truly outstanding major American film of the year." "I was not at all prepared for the sheer brilliance of The Truman Show."
Michael Rechtshaffen - Entertainment News Daily James Berardinelli Steve Rhodes Ted Prigge
"A cleverly conceived, masterfully executed cautionary tale." "Not everything in the film works, and the script isn't perhaps as deep or incisive as it would like us to believe, but there's enough here to mark The Truman Show as a worthwhile motion picture." 4/4 stars - "A movie that borrows from other sources and yet comes up with something so fresh and innovative that it has to be seen to be fully appreciated." 4/4 stars - "The film is not only funny, but incredibly moving."
Rita Kempley Edward Guthmann Michael O'Sullivan Paul Tatara
"One of the smartest, most inventive movies in memory" "a rich experience, better on the second viewing than the first" "an ingenious and audacious satire of media manipulation" "Carrey quite good, but 'The Truman Show' falls short" Internet Movie Database
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