When a young Amish woman and her son get caught up in the murder of an undercover narcotics agent, their savior turns out to be hardened Philadelphia detective John Book. Forced to hide with the Amish, Book experiences the harsh contrast from the violent city streets of Philadelphia to the quiet, peaceful world of the Amish, caught between two worlds destined to clash.


Director of Photography: John Seale
Music by: Maurice Jarre
Written by: Earl W. Wallace, William Kelley, Pamela Wallace

Running Time: 1hr, 52min.

- Oscar winner for best original screenplay (Earl W. Wallace, William Kelley, Pamela Wallace)
- Oscar nominations for best picture, director, actor, art direction, cinematography, and cinematography
- British Academy Awards winner for best score (Maurice Jarre)
- British Academy nominations for best film and best actor.